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 Hey guys (and gals)

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Hey guys (and gals) Empty
PostSubject: Hey guys (and gals)   Hey guys (and gals) Icon_minitimeTue Sep 29, 2009 4:20 pm

Hey everyone. I just wanted to make a new post about something that I have noticed. I know that Paul has been mentioning this to people when he sees them, but the purpose of this forum is not just to chat in the chatbox. Chatrooms are everywhere on the net and don't get me wrong, I like some of them and am glad that we were able to add one here. However, the problem I have (and yes Paul, I know...patience) with it is that no one is posting in the forum. As we all know, everyone gets online at different times of the day/night so not everyone is privy to the conversations that have went on in the chatbox all day unless they check the archives, and who wants to do that every time? So I'm asking you all, at this point, to please begin to post things in the forum when you come to this site to chat. It doesn't matter what it is, just post so that everyone has a chance to participate in conversation of some sort. If the chatbox continues to be the only source of conversation, I will temporarily disable it to bring more people to post. I'm not threatening or just trying to be mean, so please don't interpret it in that manner. I just want everyone to be able to participate in conversation no matter what time they log on. When all the talking is done in the chatbox though, it deprives some of that opportunity, and that's not what this site was purposed for. Thanks guys and let's see those posts! Very Happy
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Hey guys (and gals)
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