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 Just A Reminder

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PostSubject: Just A Reminder   Just A Reminder Icon_minitimeTue Sep 29, 2009 8:44 pm

PLEASE be careful when discussing things about Barack Obama or any other former President. If you haven't heard, there was a poll on Facebook that was created by someone asking opinions about whether or not he should be assassinated. I don't like the guy myself, but I don't want to see anyone killed, you know? I just wanted to throw that out there so that no one made the same mistake as the 700 people who participated in that poll. Big Brother is monitoring everything on the net, and if you think they can't find our little site. you're wrong. So just be careful. Any blatant comments about or even relating to the harming of our President, current or formal, will immediately be removed and the offender will be reported to the proper authorities. Sorry but right is right and wrong is wrong. And that, my friends, is just wrong.
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Just A Reminder
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